Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall has arrived!

September was a busy month for us!  We celebrated Opa's 50th Birthday in style.

Mom arrived just in time for Jonas' 4th birthday, and we literally put her to work on party decor the night she arrived :-)  I'm blessed to have such a talented and creative mom!

Fall here in Uster would not be complete without multiple trips to the Jucker Farm.  We're lucky to have such a cool place so close to us!

Our little pumpkins!

The kids and I enjoyed showing mom around Switzerland.  We hit many places:  Bellinzona (never expected to go through a snow storm to reach the Swiss tropics), Stein am Rhein, Gruyeres, Bern and Ballenberg.  And, of course we had to hit Konstanz, Germany too :-)



Of course, some of the best times were just spent close to home with each other and good friends.

The gang's all here!

The only thing that kept me from spiraling into depression after mom left was that we immediately went on vacation!  First stop:  Ur-Oma and Ur-Opa's house!  Not only did she have a ton of great meals and cake prepared for us, Ur-Oma even made us some Christmas cookies to take on the road, since we wouldn't see them again before Christmas.  Isn't she awesome?!

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