Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wrapping Up 2011

2011 ended on some high notes for us:

We spent a month in Charlotte, visiting friends and family.  Andy missed Thanksgiving as he had to fly back to Switzerland to lead some training sessions, but he was back in time to celebrate Sara's 2nd birthday (see prior post).  We found a new tenant for our house while there and are happy to have the place rented for the rest of our time here.  A huge burden lifted!

We also started visiting furniture stores and met with friends to go over ideas and start planning renovations on our house for when we move home. We can't wait to return to our house as we have so many memories connected to it.  Home is home after all.
Andy spent the last week in Atlanta in training which was a great opportunity to network, meet up with old colleagues and friends and gather some much-needed CPE credits that he otherwise may not have been able to collect before year end. Thanks PwC for his extra trip to the US (and those frequent flyer miles)!


After returning to Switzerland, we had a lot of holiday events on our schedule.  The day we arrived back, we attended the Christmas party at the WAC (Jonas' preschool).  The next weekend, we were off to Rothenburg to visit Andy's extended family and the Christmas markets.  We even got lucky and had 2 snow days!!



We had a wonderful Christmas at Oma & Opa's, and gained a couple of kilos while we were there! 

Then, Andy and I were off on a 4-day trip to Barcelona, Spain with Raph & Arin.  Child-free!!  Thank you again Oma & Opa! It was especially cool to see artful this city with Raph & Arin as he's an architect and she's a designer/seamstress. And they both love good food as much as we do, which is always a plus!  We had a great time witnessing amazing works by Gaudí and Dalí and popping in different cafes and restaurants.

Roman ruins below Barcelona

Olympic Park

Gaudi's Amazing Work

by Dalí

Gaudí again

A few quotes from Jonas:

J: If I can't be the boss of someone here, I'm going to move out.

J: Mommy, the other day Sienna told me that she wants to marry me when she grows up.
M: Really?  What did you say?
J: Nothing. I was too frightened!
Note: Sienna is the most adorable little girl and his best girl friend.  She's the daughter of his first preschool teacher, and you'll remember her if you've followed the blog.  I'd be perfectly happy with this match :-).

And one from Sara:

I was singing to her one morning and she yells: No!  Stop!
M: Why? Don't you like my singing?
S: No! Noise!!