Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting Here

Lord, Thank you so much that our kids were so well-behaved on the flight!

US Air - Thanks for not charging us for our extra/overweight luggage. Thanks also for the very friendly, helpful service. Everything went so smoothly that I just might have to take back every bad thing I've ever said about you :-)

Frankfurt Airport- We won't be passing through you again if we can hep it. We felt like we had to walk all through Frankfurt just to get from one plane to another.

Kathy - Thanks for telling me to just bring our pack-n-play. Being able to put her down as soon as we got here was so necessary!

We're starting to get settled into our new city. Thursday, we basically slept away :-) Friday, we did a little exploring downtown and some grocery shopping. Actually, we've gone grocery shopping every day (sometimes more than once). Trying to set up shop. I've been surprised that the grocery prices aren't as bad as I was expecting. I guess shopping at the good ol' HT has prepared me for that:-). Saturday, we spent inside as Jonas caught a little bug and has a fever. Tomorrow, Oma & Opa come to visit! Hopefully, we'll take a nice stroll around the lake.

A few little tidbits from Jonas:

On the plane when Andy explained that we need to sleep on the plane: Did you brought our jammies?

When he walked into the apartment:

1) Where are my toys?
2) You said there was going to be a lot of snow here. Where is it?

Monday, August 23, 2010


T-47 until departure... Just spent all day taking care of a multitude of administrative tasks,
such as changing addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. Wondering if I thought of everything.
Wonder how Jonas will like flying in a real plane. Wonder whether Sara will be as friendly and
easy going on the plane as she usually is. Wonder where I can buy a baby travel bed once we
get to Zurich. Seems like the world is full of wonders...

So, it is time to relax and stop wondering. Now at MollyMcPherson's in Charlotte downtown
about to meet great friends and colleagues for a cold beer before final preparations tomorrow.
Can't wait to see everyone. What should I drink at a Scottish bar? Ideally an English beer,
right? Bass is on draft, great.


Startup Efforts

So today we decided to start a blog about our 2-year family adventure to Switzerland. Wait, how do I even start a blog? Well, this is the test... let's see how this works.

Packing... What are these crazy rules on car seats in Switzerland? What do you mean, I can't take my perfectly good, AAA rated car seats I bought here in the US and use them over there? Great.

Luggage over limit, ok... let me check how much they would charge for that at our beloved locally based international air carrier. You've got to be kidding me, $50 a bag? Great start. Any more curveballs?

Sure, since we are talking about curveballs... Relo lady calls, she will pick us up at the airport in a VW Golf. No carseats, by the way. I thought about emailing her that we are arriving with 4 people and about 73 pieces of luggage, but I refrained, smiled and accepted the fact that I will have to  haul my carseats over to Switzerland for this one trip from the airport to the appartment, and then go buy new seats that conform to the new Swiss regulations. Sigh.

Otherwise, everything went well so far. T minus 51 hours until departure...